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The dream you have for your business, translated into an exciting and compelling message to your customers, through a website. Tui Studios can make this a reality through conversation and research.

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Tui Studios will build your website according to the conversation and research that has taken place in the Dream stage of the three-step high-level process.

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Launching a new website is exciting and has a lot of complex pieces. Once the Build step is approved we will discuss the best transition to live for your website project.

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At Tui studios, having a conversation and finding out what your dreams and visions are for your business, means that we can build a bespoke website to meet the needs of your business. This also means that we can find out who you are and more importantly who your ideal customers are, the functionality you require and various other elements.

This step in the high-level process of making your web project successful can have a huge effect on where we end up at the Launch step. Therefore we want to get this right and be on the same page from the start. Let’s talk about the process more in the Build step.


This is where Tui Studios turn your dreams and visions into reality and the project starts to take shape. Typically there are three stages of the build, which include the homepage completion, sub pages and final build completion.

I will be asking for your feedback at major stages of completion and there will be opportunities to review what is being created at each stage. If revisions are needed, we have conversations around why revisions are being requested, especially for strategic placement and functionality of certain elements of the website.


This is the exciting finale and we want this to be as smooth as possible. Once you have approved the project to go live, a lot depends on what your current situation is at the time of completion. We may need to coordinate with marketing, an old website that is being replaced, and many other things, this requires yet again more conversations and this time, potentially with a wider group of people.

We usually manage most of this process, so all though conversations are needed, there is minimal action on your part. This is also when the website enters a hyper-care period, especially if you have chosen to edit the site yourself and you are going in and checking things out and watching some instructional videos.

Why clients like Tui Studios…

One word to say about Maarten is LEGENDARY!

I’ve known Maarten for a long time and he is one of the most helpful guys I’ve ever known. When completing the website, he was very professional and all I had to do was give him my brief and content. He turned my ideas into straight forward actionable steps. Maarten also gave a few additional suggestions that added to the quality of the website! It’s clear, easy to follow and any changes were easily added.

I love my new website and if Maarten builds yours then I know you will too!

Matt Anderson

Performance SUP Athlete and Coach

I design and develop websites

that make people's lives simple!

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